Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Masafi staregic marketing pan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Masafi staregic marketing pan - Essay Example 8 Core Competencies 8 Future Industry Analysis 8 Market Analysis 9 Perceived Customer Value 9 Customer Analysis 10 Segmentation 10 Targeting 11 Positioning 11 Marketing Strategy 13 Service Marketing: 7Ps Framework 14 Brand Strategy 18 Final Budget 20 Recommendations 21 Appendices 25 Executive Summary The study will propose a marketing plan for Masafi’s mineral water. The project will start with the mission and vision of the organisation. Following these, the study will provide a brief history of Masafi. A PLC and BCG matrix has been implemented for the purpose of the study. Then a market analysis has been conducted in order to understand the customer value and current customer trend. Then the study will provide a marketing plan including overview of the industry, key competitors, STP analysis and Marketing Mix. Finally, the study will provide recommendation plans basis on the critical issues. Background Analysis Masafi is a growing FMCG company in the Gulf and Middle East regi on headquartered in Dubai. The organisation used to manufacture and distribute mineral water and other food products (Masafi, 2013a). Here the project will conduct a marketing audit for the mineral water and will propose a new marketing plan for the products. ... Product diversification and business expansion in different global markets. Retention of long-term leadership within the mineral water industry. Expansion of brand portfolio and provision of social and health services for the global community. Vision The vision statement of Masafi is â€Å"Premium Products for Enhanced life†. Organisational Setup Masafi was founded in the year 1976. Masafi has been able to enter the domestic market with an estimated start-up capital of 5.5 million US dollar. In the year 2007, Masafi earned revenue of 40.2 million US dollars. Masafi has joint ventures with several international companies. For example, the organisation has joint ventured with UAE based organisation Khadamat facilities in order to recycle the plastics that are used for packaging (Carter and Dunston, 2006, p.161). Product Portfolio Analysis The product portfolio analysis will determine the key product lines of Masafi in terms of Market share, PLC and BCG Matrix. Sales or Profit In the year 2002, Masafi managed to increase its growth by 8%. At that point of time, the economic situation was not favourable for mineral water industry. However, the organisation managed to sell more than 3.6 million litres of mineral water bottles in that specific year. Several experts at that point of time expected that the organisation would avail a significant growth during the next 10 years. In the year 2012, the organisation increased its growth by 6% comparing to the last year. In terms of market share and profit, the key products of Masafi are mineral water bottles and facial tissues. Product Life Cycle Masafi’s mineral water has a short life cycle. From the starting years, the organisation has introduced mineral water of various flavours. The

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